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Pooltest 6 is a device designed for simple and effective surveys and periodic monitoring of the pool water by engineers and water purification specialists in the swimming pools. This tool accurately measures chlorine, bromine, alkali, calcium stiffness, cyanuric acid solutions and pH; offers the necessary parameters for calculating the water balance. Pooltest 6 can measure up to 5 ppm Cl2 percent as standard.


Another method of the water purification in swimming pools is the method of disinfection by chlorination. Experts emphasize the importance of chlorinating water in swimming pools. If the pool water temperature for a long time exceeds 28C and water is not replaced on a regular basis, this leads to the fact that the level of contamination is above the health standards. In this case, chlorination of water is important. Chlorine destroys not only bacteria in the water, but even oxidizes organic pollutants to form a complete safe environment for health.


If you have problems with filling systems and changing the water in the pool, if you are not sure about the cleanliness and hygiene of water, then we offer you our services with the solution of all problems with a fast and high-quality approach. These are not simple promises. Our technical preparedness and experience allow us to solve all issues in the pools. We give a guarantee to the work that we do.

Water analysis

Choosing partnership with "AquaMax", you get the opportunity to properly analyze the water in the pool. The attractiveness of the pool depends on the correct water purification system. If the water analysis is carried out using Phototest 6 Photometer, you will eventually become the owner of clear water, which will add the attractiveness and beauty of your pool. Analyzing the results of the water in your pool, the specialists of the company "AquaMax" will send you proposals suitable for your pool to your email address.